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Certified Interior Decorators International (C.I.D.) was founded to recognize the trained Interior Decorator as an expert in the trade. As a professional association, C.I.D. is acknowledged for raising the bar and setting the standard in the decorating industry.

Certified interior decorators are set apart as educated and proven professionals with earned credentials. The professional designation of C.I.D. relieves the trade sources and decorator showrooms nationwide of the need to carefully examine individuals claiming to be decorators, thus alleviating a major problem that showrooms face on a daily basis. The earned C.I.D. credentials also provide the consumer with added confidence in their selection process.

C.I.D. serves as a dual purpose certifying body and professional membership association. An individual cannot be considered certified without ongoing membership in C.I.D. The term "Certified Interior Decorator" and the appellation "C.I.D." are registered trademarks as originally filed (1997) in the United States Patent and Trademark Office in Washington, D.C. The use of CID or C.I.D. is exclusively for Certified Interior Decorators and is well established in the interior design industry.


What is the difference between an Interior Decorator and an Interior Designer?
A college major in Interior Design is necessary for a person to become an interior designer. However, due to licensing laws in various states, many interior designers are without formal interior design education. There are many do-it-yourselfers or self-appointed decorators and designers flooding the marketplace. The consumer cannot know whether their designer was ever college educated. The consumer must look for two things: first, certification and second, professional affiliation. Interior Designers are certified by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) and usually maintain a membership in the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) or the International Interior Design Association (IIDA).

Credentialed interior decorators are certified by and maintain professional membership in Certified Interior Decorators International (C.I.D.). A Certified Interior Decorator (C.I.D.) must complete training by a C.I.D. approved educational program. They are not required to have a college degree. There are several excellent interior decorator programs available on a post-secondary educational level administered by direct mail or online. This is a perfect situation for individuals desiring to make a career change without the additional time or expense required to go back to college. C.I.D. members may also be required to maintain a local occupational license as an interior decorator on a county level only and tax resale certificate on the state level. C.I.D. does not permit grandfathering which is based on experience only without recognized education.

Can an Interior Decorator provide the same services as an Interior Designer?
Certified Interior Decorators International is an association of full service interior decorators who can give advice as paid consultants and prepare furniture floor plans showing the client placement of all furnishings. C.I.D. decorators provide assistance in the selection of furniture, accessories, lamps, lighting fixtures, plants, pots, pictures, custom picture framing, area rugs, carpet, flooring, window treatments, wall coverings and patio furnishings, all of which C.I.D. decorators can purchase at discounted trade prices. C.I.D. decorators can also provide new themes and decorations, new furnishings and re-upholstery work for residential and business projects, yachts, restaurants, hotels, motels and other hospitality plans. C.I.D. decorators are trained experts at furniture placement, re-arranging, decorating, re-decorating and preparing a home for resale.

Are "Certified Interior Decorators" more affordable than Designers?
Unlike interior decorators in the past, a Certified Interior Decorator (C.I.D.), has the same credibility and buying power as a trained professional Certified (or licensed) Interior Designer and can actually earn as much as designers. Certified interior decorators are not required to perform architectural interior design and therefore are not required to have a college level education as are interior designers. As consultants, they can be more affordable since they are not required to have a college degree and do not have to maintain fees for licensing, continued educational programs and the other costs incurred by being state regulated. Charges for furnishings are about the same due to trade discounts being equal for interior decorators and interior designers.

Is C.I.D. recognized and accepted nationally as an organization for Interior Decorators?
C.I.D. is recognized as a professional member association listed in trade magazines such as Interior Design, Interiors & Resources and many other publications. We are listed worldwide on the Internet and are recognized internationally as the only membership association and certifying body exclusive to certified interior decorators.

What are the benefits of being C.I.D.?
A Certified Interior Decorator (C.I.D.) today enjoys the same credibility, recognition and buying power as an Interior Designer and can earn as much, if not more, income. C.I.D. credentials are recognized throughout the interior design industry.
Enjoy added business and buying power through your C.I.D. certification and membership. C.I.D. members have the exclusive right to use and display the trademarked appellation "C.I.D." after their name and our trademarked term "Certified Interior Decorator" under their name on all printed and electronic materials. No other individuals in the interior design and decoration industry are permitted to use this designation.
Consumer response to C.I.D. members is overwhelming due to the fact that Certified Interior Decorators have established themselves as talented, trained, approachable and affordable professionals. We have definitely become the consumer's choice.
Certified Interior Decorators International offers referral services through our website and ads in national magazines such as Elle Decor, Better Homes and Gardens and House Beautiful.
A member only access area on the C.I.D. website provides members with updates in the industry, educational articles and the latest on resources and new decorating articles or ideas.
Trade showrooms offer 40-50% discounts and every courtesy available to all Certified Interior Decorators (C.I.D.) only.
Online trade resources such as Trade Only Design Library are an added benefit as they provide C.I.D. members with good quality photos of products and swatch samples perfect for offering clients a full sample presentation board.
Direct Mail furniture companies such as Ballard Designs, Pir International, Williams-Sonoma, their subsidiaries and many others offer C.I.D. members a 10-40% discount and usually have a special phone number for business orders.
Many retailers such as Bed, Bath and Beyond establish relationships with trade members through their customer service. Be sure to provide them, and all your trade resources, with your state tax resale certificate, business card and current C.I.D. membership card.
Pier 1 Imports and Ethan Allen offer C.I.D. members discounts on furnishings. You must apply for individual membership with them directly through their corporate headquarters. Please provide a copy of your C.I.D. membership card which is considered one of the qualification requirements for these and many other companies in the trade.

Getting Started

If you decide to have a home-based business, you will enjoy the added benefit of not having to pay rent and the cost to maintain a location or shop open to the public. Your space and utilities are a tax-deductible expense and in many instances your homeowner's insurance policy covers your equipment. In times past, business success was based on location. Today having proper credentials such as C.I.D. allows you the option to work at home.

Make good use of your first months in business as a Certified Interior Decorator by building your trade relationships, resources and future customer base. Distribute your cards and contact information to realtors, builders and network. Family members are good contacts for decorating needs. With professional credentials you will command more respect from friends and family and they will gladly pay you for your services. Your ads and personal contacts are going to be the best source of building clients and customers. Hire a web designer to build your website. Certified Interior Decorators International can provide you with the Professional Member C.I.D. logo to be added to your site.

You should also link with favorite trade resources, workrooms and contractors. You may also opt to join with business networks such as your local business chamber, Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook for greater exposure and referrals. Also be sure to add your website address and email contact on all your ads and printed materials. Customers cannot find your site unless they are directed to it by personal contact, cross advertising, links to your site and search engines.

If you opt to increase your business, you can choose to open a full-service interior-decorating showroom offering in-house consultation, furnishings, window treatments, wall coverings, lamps and accessories for sale.

You should also subscribe to Interior Design magazine which includes an annual guide to trade showrooms and products. The publications Interiors & Sources, House Beautiful and Elle Décor will be invaluable sources for building your resources nationwide.

Local furniture dealers are willing to establish a trade discount and to work with C.I.D. However, always ask for the manager to determine what the store's policy is in dealing with discounts, terms, returns and/or exchanges. Be prepared to meet with local dealers and bring them a copy of your state's resale certificate (if required by your state), your business/corporate identity, business card and your current up to date C.I.D. membership card.

Some local municipalities may require that you acquire an occupational license as an Interior Decorator.

Member Communications

As your professional association, C.I.D. will communicate with you through Quarterly Newsletters, Resource or Showroom updates, continued educational teachings and help as needed by phone for business setup.

This is a fact: today's consumers are hiring "Certified Interior Decorators" as their first choice! Retain and preserve your status as a member of C.I.D. Without an ongoing membership in Certified Interior Decorators International (C.I.D.), you cannot be a Certified Interior Decorator. No other group or individual can "certify" interior decorators.

Professional membership dues ($295.00) must be paid annually to retain your certification.

Certified Interior Decorators International welcomes current allied or associate members of interior design groups and also invites non-affiliated interior designers and interior decorators to seek professional membership in Certified Interior Decorators International.

Certified Interior Decorators are self-regulated through Certified Interior Decorators International. We are not regulated by state licensing as interior designers are in many states and providences. However, if your state has a licensing law, we should make ourselves aware of them in case of certain limitations that may affect the industry.

The title "interior designer" and other affiliate labels cannot be used with membership in C.I.D.

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