Become A Certified Interior Decorator


C.I.D. serves as a dual purpose certifying body and professional membership association exclusively for Certified Interior Decorators.

Founder, President and renowned Interior Designer Ron Renner conceived the idea of certifying Interior Decorators for the first time in history. His purpose was to define the difference between Interior Designers and Interior Decorators and clarify the role of the professionally trained and tested Certified Interior Decorator.

The term “Certified Interior Decorator” and the appellation “C.I.D.” are registered trademarks filed in 1997 in the U.S. Patent and Trademark office in Washington, DC.

The use of CID or C.I.D. is exclusively for current professional members of Certified Interior Decorators International (C.I.D.).

Becoming a member of C.I.D. will increase your potential for acquiring clients and provide total access to the wholesale trade workrooms and furniture showrooms.

No other
individual, organization,
college or school

can “certify” Interior Decorators.


The C.I.D. Certification program was written by Ron Renner, ASID to provide professional training and testing of Interior Decorators and was designed to allow the talented (novice or experienced) decorator to earn credentials for the purpose of pursuing a career as a “Certified Interior Decorator”.

The program is a complete Interior Decorating course with Certification. Our exclusive Certification program is taught in an easy, informative and concise manner through the use of ONLINE education or our Direct Workbook correspondence program. Teachings include: Function of Interior Spaces, History of Furniture, Trade Showrooms, Use of Color, Lighting, Scale and How to Charge for your services as a Certified Interior Decorator. C.I.D. is also the only organization that can educate, test, and certify Interior Decorators.



Workbook includes a ‘work at your own pace’ 125 page Certification Teaching with illustrations, 8 session quizzes, 4 hands on projects and a Final Exam.

Course can be completed in as little
as 6 weeks.



Includes Certification Teaching with illustrations, 8 sessions with quizzes and a final Exam.

Course can be completed in a little
as 2 weeks.



Keep your membership current

Both the ONLINE PROGRAM and the DIRECT MAIL WORKBOOK PROGRAM include the C.I.D. ENTRANCE EXAM and a free ONE YEAR C.I.D. MEMBERSHIP ($295.00 value). Professional C.I.D. credentials will be sent upon successful completion of the Exam. Membership must be renewed annually to retain Certification. For the complete Course Outline and additional information (click here).


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