CERTIFIED INTERIOR DECORATORS INTERNATIONAL Founded in 1997 by distinguished interior designer Ron Renner, Certified Interior Decorators International (C.I.D.) is dedicated to providing the educational training and testing required for talented individuals seeking recognition as a "Certified" professional in the interior decorating industry.

In the early 90's, Mr. Renner conceived the original idea of "Certifying" interior decorators for the purpose of clarifying the difference between designers and decorators and the educational requirements for both. C.I.D. is a professional membership association and the ONLY body for accrediting and certifying interior decorators.

C.I.D. has partnered with educators to provide C.I.D. approved programs by direct mail or through online courses, allowing potential members to qualify to apply for professional credentials as a "Certified Interior Decorator". Over the past 20 years, C.I.D. has become the consumers choice for attaining recognized status as a decorating professional.

Certified Interior Decorators International (C.I.D.) serves as a dual purpose certifying body and professional membership association.

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The C.I.D. Certification Program

The Only Program Licensed by Certified Interior Decorators International (C.I.D.) for Teaching Interior Decorator Certification

The C.I.D. Certification Program Online Course and Home Study programs were written specifically for the Certified Interior Decorator by Ron Renner, founder and president of Certified Interior Decorators International (C.I.D.). Instruction includes the basics of certification, elements of interior design and decoration, business practice and "How to Charge for Services". Teaching also includes the latest information concerning the practice of interior design versus the role of the "Certified Interior Decorator".

The C.I.D. Certification programs provide a direct route to C.I.D. Certification. Upon completion, graduates are then qualified to join Certified Interior Decorators International (C.I.D.).

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As NCIDQ and the professional associations IIDA, ASID, ICD and IDEC have been working to raise the bar for the interior design profession, other associations have been focusing on establishing credentials for the decoration industry. Any industry that decides to create guidelines and raise the professionalism of its industry deserves commendation and the decoration community deserves no less.

Charlotte Jensen
FASID Past President of the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ)

I appreciate the information you sent and feel that it is important for all our showrooms to be aware of your association and the principles Certified Interior Decorators International stands for. Many of our showrooms are frustrated with clients who claim to be decorators and come in expecting the showroom personnel to do their job. Showrooms would be much more willing to work with a decorator who identifies themselves as a Certified Interior Decorator (C.I.D.).

Dallas Decorative Center
Dallas, Texas

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About President and Founder Ron Renner is a founding Professional Member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and is certified by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ). Ron has also served as membership chairman and as a member of the board of directors for ASID...
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